Founded in 1911

With over 22,000 square feet under roof and more than 3.5 acres, we have the facility and ability to get the job done. We are constantly working to improve every quality aspect in our foundry, which is why we proudly stand behind our product.

• Melt Capacity is 3 (three) Ms-400 Dynarad Electric Resistance Melting Furnaces.
• Molding capacity is 3 (three) 3016 Osborn Rotolift Molding Machines, 3 (three) QSF 214 BMM WESTON Squeezer Molding Machines.
• Cores can be either: Pepset, Isocure or Shell.
• We have a Hartley Controlled Sand Mixing and Distribution System to insure uniform sand quality and also use an InCast Olivine 120 (grain fineness) low expansion Foundry Sand to give us the best definition castings available.
• We cast primarily 319, 356 and 535 alloys.
• Ample Pattern Storage
• Heat Treating is also available

Industries Served-
-Air Ventilating Equipment, -Fluid Movement, -Lighting, -Garden Implements, -Air Compressors, -Insulation Applications, -Electrical Componets, and many more!