Founded in 1911
Cushman Foundry News...

>DEC 2008 - Cushman announces record 4th quarter growth.

>OCT 2008 - Cushman celebrating 28 month with no loss time injury.

>NOV 2007 - Cushman completes OSHA inspections in record fashion.

>NOV 2007 - Cushman goes gasless with the installation of its third electric induction furnace.

For almost 100 years, Cushman Foundry has been a leader in the production of the highest quality aluminum alloy castings for a broad spectrum of uses worldwide.

Our modern facilities and our staff are ready to serve all your aluminum casting needs. We will give your order the same personal attention that discriminating casting buyers have known since 1911.

Please feel free to stop by for a visit. Bring along your blue prints for any quotes you may need. We will be happy to discuss your needs informally and tell you where we can make a contribution to your company's success.

Please call us today at 1-513-984-5570 or Email: Customer Service